Dave Olverson


December 13, 2012

Cooking Strategy

Though not novel, cooking is a classic project/activity that is great for experimentation. A few years ago, my mom provided me with a binder with a few of my favorite childhood recipes so that I could recreate them.  Recently, I came up with a new method to expand my cooking portfolio.

Have two binders.

My new binder would have printouts of recipes I found on the web.  I would search for things like “Best recipes of all time” and print out the ones that looked the best to me.  Then, I try cooking a dish.  Then, I assign it to one of three categories:

  • This is great!  It goes in the main binder alongside my mom’s recipes
  • This has potential.  I will try cooking it again, but change a few things, or try to get better at it.
  • This is terrible.  I immediately throw it away.

In that way, I build up my cooking repertoire with only my favorite recipes!


This was tonights effort.  It is a snack of queso dip and homemade tortillas.  The tortillas are going in the main binder.  I think I will scour the web for another queso recipe though.

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